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The "Right Solution" for Foundation Problems in Tacoma Pierce County, Washington

Dealing with problems — supported by professional engineering — is the very foundation of our business.

Compared to other companies who commonly use one system or technology to every foundation problem, our Company customizes a tested, cost-effective, simple-to-install foundation repair approach to solve your specific home foundation problems in Tacoma .

Whether it's:
checkmark a shifting foundation
checkmark a cracked foundation
checkmark bowed basement walls
checkmark waterproofing a basement foundation
checkmark lowering a basement by underpinning or bench ledging

a highly capable team of structural foundation experts here at our company will work with you to design the optimal foundation repair solution that best meets your unique needs.

Services: Crawl Space Repair, Concrete Lifting/Leveling, Earthquake Retrofitting, Basement Waterproofing

We are confident in our products and team which are the basis of our organization!
We have the products and professionally authorized foundation contractors in-house that you need to permanently solve your foundation issues. Trust Us With Your Bowed, Cracked or Sinking Wall Repair.

We are confident in our products and team which are the basis of our organization!

Work Requests From Tacoma

The driveway retaining wall in our house is cracked and buckling. We spoke with a rep from Matvey at the Remodelers' Expo a couple of weeks ago. He recommended us a Geo-lock Wall Anchor System. The south wall is in apparent need of repair, but we'd also like an estimate of the north wall. Please, mark in the quote the cost different of having only one compared to both walls secured, if possible! Many thanks!

in Tacoma

Beginning of sagging of the back of our house. It was put in by the previous owners 10 years ago. The house counts 33 years.

in Tacoma

I currently have a 16ft round slab that appears is only a few inches thick in my side yard. It cracked in half and over the years 1 side has settled a little. It sounds a little hollow under the slab in areas and I use it for my round swimming pool, but when I fill the pool, one side is a few inches different than the other. I would like to see if poly jacking is enough to raise the low side to level it out. Need the most cost effective route vs. removal of the entire slab and starting over.

in Tacoma

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The right SOLUTIONS to foundation issues using newly designed and proven structural adjustment and rehabilitation technologies: